2015 Affordable Nike Magista Obra Available to pre-order

Nike's tenth paint job for the revolutionary Nike Magista Obra Soccer Cleats continues the trend to stand out on the pitch with bright pops of colors.The Black-Blue Affordable Nike Magista Obra 2015 Football Boot has a knitted upper with a thin layer of NikeSkin with ACC (All Conditions Control) technology for better ball control in all weather conditions. The blue sole plate of the Nike Magista Obra 2015has conical studs for rotational agility.

Fit. Touch. Traction.

1.The 2015 Affordable Nike Magista Obra Black-Blue is the football boot of the future, but it is here now and it is something that you have never experienced before. Made for the playmaker type like Iniesta and G?tze, but delivered to you, regardless of your position on the pitch.

2.The 2015 Affordable Nike Magista Obra is a football that puts a smile on your face from the very first second you put it on, because you have never felt a fit like this. The upper is made from Flyknit, thus making it extremely flexible and it delivers an unparalleled comfort level. Your feet will become one with the boot, just as if it was a sock and the similarities with a sock don't stop here.

3.The Dynamic Fit Collar is the part of the boot that covers your ankle on your Magista Obra. This extension of the football boot is among the most remarkable changes and serves to more or less lock your foot in place. Hereby it feels like the football boots become an extension of your body and your legs. You will automatically become more aware of your feet and the interaction with the ball is significantly increased.

The 2015 Affordable Nike Magista Obra FG Black-Blue at soccertutu.com are made to be very light, which helps you a great deal. Your feet have to be well protected from the beatings they would take from some of the more aggressive players on the other team. Well the new Nike Magista Obra do this for you, because even though these are light the materials are strong and tough.

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