New Released 2016 Nike Mercurial Superfly V -- Make More Comfortable

Of course, the Cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly V had a fairly smooth Flyknit upper. This was meant to leave as little material as possible between your foot and the ball. This time, though, Nike has installed a ribbed texture to create friction between the upper and the ball, and they are raised even higher in the forefoot. Plus, they are promising this should make for some interesting colorways.

While the outsole may be the most noteworthy update to the Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG -Electric Green-Black-Flash Lime, the most noticeable will probably be those ridges all over the upper. Nike is calling this the Flyknit ¡°speed rib¡± 3D texture.

To make a boot more comfortable, and thus, a better performer on field, you craft the bottom to more closely resemble the shape of an actual foot. To enhance speed on the Mercurial, Nike says the gap that existed between the bottom of your foot and the soleplate has been eliminated. This more natural, anatomical fit allows your foot to snuggle right in to the Superfly V from

They didn¡¯t stop with just the shape, however. Considering the carbon fiber soleplate¡¯s remarkable lightness, you¡¯d think they wouldn¡¯t feel the need to reduce the weight any more. But this is Nike we¡¯re talking about here, so they hollowed out the soleplate to make the Superfly V¡¯s plate 40% lighter than its predecessor.

When it comes to crafting speed boots, Nike and the rest have usually focused solely on bringing the weight down in order to make for the lightest possible hindrance to your movement. In the Superfly V¡¯s R&D process, they decided to spend some time working on enhancing the braking capacity of the new cleats.Through this, they found out which stud pattern was best for speedy players that need to brake really quick. Although the studs are all the same shape, they are angled in various directions to assist braking and accelerating.

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