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  • Top Tier Models Nike Hypervenom II Neymar Cleats In Stock Now

    The Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar Boots were finally unveiled today. The new Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar football boots introduce a bold design, exclusive for Neymar and inspired by his motto "Ousadia e Alegria".

    The Nike Hypervenom "Ousadia e Alegria" soccer cleats are the third Nike Hypervenom signature boots for Neymar, and the first to be based on the second generation of the silo. Introduced in the summer of 2015, the Nike Hypervenom 2 boots followed on the very successful first generation and introduced a heightened, Dynamic Fit collar for the first time.

    This is the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar signature cleat at usa sports cleats.

    the top-tier model features a bold all-over graphic. Only the trademark Dynamic Fit collar and the sole plate don't boast the print. Bold red accents in the form of the top trim of the collar and the big Swooshes on toe and heel complete the unique design, exclusive to Neymar Junior.

    Whereas the upper pattern appears quite random at first, it's actually an enlarged version of a graphic design created by Brazilian artist Bruno Big. Representing Neymar's motto "Ousadia e Alegria", which means "Courage and joy" in English, it also gives its name to these boots. The heart and fist, both drawn by Bruno Big in his signature style, are also present on the insole of each shoe, while they are better visible on the accompanying clothing collection.

    Tech-concerning, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar 2016 signature cleats are identical to the other Nike Hypervenom Phantom II boots released over the last few months. They combine a synthetic NikeSkin upper with Flyknit for the collar and tongue, while the agility sole plate remains the same as for the first generation.

    The new Neymar cleats are ready on sale,

    Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Ousadia e Alegria Neymar Cleats sold at Special Price: $109.99 ,the regular Nike Hypervenom Phantom II soccer boots. Additionally, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar "Ousadia e Alegria" collection also oversees the launch of several takedown and even Nike FootballX models.

    Do you like the bold Nike Hypervenom II Neymar 2016 signature boots?

  • Nike Hypervenom X Neymar 'Ousadia Alegria' 2016 Cleats Released

    The Nike Hypervenom X Proximo Neymar 'Ousadia e Alegria' 2016 Boots introduce a unique design for the indoor, turf and street version of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar Cleats, officially released today.

    Nike today launched the first Neymar Signature Boots of the year. Designed to stand out, the white, black and red Nike Hypervenom Neymar 'Ousadia Alegria' Boots are set to be debuted by Neymar in the La Liga game against Atl??tico Madrid.

    ?This is the 5-a-side version of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom Neymar 2016 Cleats.

    Boasting the same design as the Nike Hypervenom Phinish and Phantom outdoor editions, the Nike Hypervenom X Proximo 2016 Neymar Indoor, Turf and Street Soccer Shoes combine the main colors white and black with striking red applications. The upper boasts an one-of-a-kind graphic design created by Brazilian artist Bruno Big that draws inspiration from Neymar's motto 'Ousadia e Alegria'.

    The midsole of the Nike Hypervenom X Proximo Neymar 2016 Boots is black, whereas the outsole comes with a stunning color gradient fading from a rear area to white that is exclusive to the small-sided version of the boots.

    While the design of the boots is extraordinary, the first-ever Neymar Edition of the Nike Hypervenom X Proximo offers exactly the same tech features as all regular versions of the cutting-edge small-sided football shoes. The Nike Hypervenom X Proximo 2016 Neymar Soccer Shoes combine a Dynamic Fit collar with a super soft upper and Flywire strings for ultimate ball control and lockdown.

    What's your verdict of the first-ever signature Nike Hypervenom Neymar Indoor, Turf and Street version?

  • Nike revealed the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar 2016 cleats

    The first official pictures of the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar boots have been leaked. Check them out below. Continue reading

  • Nike Hypervenom 2016 Cleats-Designed To Help You Be A Better Playmaker On The Field

    I remember the first time I was taken to a soccer match and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. This is the most popular game in the world right? I figured there must be a reason for it so I looked forward to watching a match in person. I have to admit that the first time I watched I wasn??t all that impressed. The game seemed to have very little action. Most of the game was spent with one team controlling the ball. Only a few shots on goal were taken and the game was one to zip at the end. However, that one goal that was scored by the home team sent them into a frenzy.

    The goal came on a breakout opportunity by means of a steal. A player in the middle of the field had a clear shot at the goal and just struck it hard where it needed to go. So one thing I learned at an early age was that the game usually comes down to a few big plays. This changed the way I looked at the game and I didn??t see it as boring anymore. I looked at it as a war. Two teams fighting for something, representing different countries or regions and taking a lot of pride in the game. So I set out to be a superior playmaker in the lower level leagues I was playing in at the time.

    What I learned right away was that wearing the wrong type of Nike Hypervenom 2 soccer cleats can have a major effect on what you can do out there. I used to focus on lower priced cheap soccer cleats 2016, value options. These were heavy though and they fell apart during tough play. My feet felt uncomfortable in them at times. I just couldn??t do what I wanted to do out there. Fast forward to now and I pretty much know I have to have on a pair of these best hypervenom boots if I want to compete out there. I want to make big plays, and I have to be in a position to do so. This all starts with what??s on my feet. A pair of Nike Hypervenom Phatal II FG - White/Black/Pink cleats work perfectly for me in this case.

    The reason I like these Nike Hypervenom 2016 Cleats so much is because I know they won??t hinder me in the ways that some other cheap hypervenom? shoes have. I have the speed I need, because of the lightweight nature of these. I have better versatility. I have energy left towards the end of a game because I don??t have to expand so much due to heaviness. I??m able to get good traction, which also helps me to have better bursts of speed. The Nike Hypervenom Phatal II FG cleats have helped me to up my game. Sure, I only play in a lower level league but we take pride in the game and we play intense.

    If you want to be a better playmaker out there, then you can??t afford to wear something that will take away from your ability to execute out there at usa sports cleats. With a pair of Nike Hypervenom II soccer cleats, you won??t have to worry about this.

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    When it comes to the issue of Nike Soccer Shoes, the Hypervenom has risen very quickly to the top of the food chain. From the moment these Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG - Orange-Black Continue reading

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