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    Whenever you decide to? purchase a pair of soccer cleats that are supposed to be limited edition, then the main reason why you¡¯re buying them is because there¡¯s going to be something about them that¡¯s really special. The maker is going to do something with them that they rarely do and this is going to make the shoes even more desirable. If this is the case, then the shoes certainly can¡¯t disappoint. The Nike Magista Obra 2 Soccer Cleats are certainly unique and one of a kind.

    Speaking of one of a kind, this brings us to the main theme of these.?Nike Magista Obra 2 might just be one month, but this doesn¡¯t mean Nike wants to put out something that¡¯s not going to unify people across all nationalities. This is why this year the message for these is ¡°The Power Of One¡±. This message is symbolic and powerful. It enables people to come together to celebrate a rich history while at the same time being very inclusive celebratory. It¡¯s a way to send the right message.

    So if the Message for this is ¡°The Power of One¡± then the design sure as heck better be one of a kind right? Well this isn¡¯t a problem with these. The design is good and the color scheme is also up to par. Let¡¯s look at some of the basics these have to offer:

    • Main colorway blends together the color black with white for the swoosh and grey applications.
    • The pattern located on the upper is one of a kind. It¡¯s made using inspirations from the African American culture and has very distinct geometric motifs. It also makes use of a vivid Pan African inspired color palette.
    • Located on the heel area of the Nike Magista Obra 2 Boots is the 2016-2017 boots. The inner sole is where you¡¯ll find? the phrase ¡°The Power of One¡±. The sole plate area of these is mostly dark with a few colorful parts to it.
    • On the tech side of these these shoes are going to provide players with the same features as with other colorways of this control boot. You get a dynamic fit color, a tongue-less design as well as a flyknit upper which makes for a socklike fit along with superior ball control.

    ¡°The Power of One¡± is a powerful message for these boots, because the game of soccer is the most popular around the world. No matter what differences people have, when they take to the field in order to play this game the goal is to have fun and win. The Nike Magista Obra 2016-2017 Boots are a way of paying respects, celebrating history and at the same time taking part in a game that people are fanatical about around the world. The fact that their limited edition shouldn¡¯t stop anyone from trying to get a pair. Chances are getting a pair isn¡¯t as tough as some might think it is.

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